Oakland School Board Director Sam Davis

The next Forum is on Oakland Unified's Financial Challenges: Mon., Jan. 24, 2022 at 5:30pm on this Zoom link.

You can watch the Nov. 15 Budget Town Hall here or read the slide presentation by clicking here:



You can watch the August 26 Panel/Q&A on OUSD's COVID Safety Protocols here:

The presentation for the proposed new use of the Kaiser school campus as an Early Learning Hub
is at this link. A recording of the community engagement presenting the proposal
is available at this link by using the passcode .GCqi01^


Here is a recording of the fourth monthly forum on May 6:
How Pandemic Relief Funds Can Support Our Students

Here is a recording of the third monthly forum on March 15,
Initiatives to Support African-American Students:

Here is a recording of the second monthly forum on Feb. 25, Improving Enrollment in OUSD:

Here is a recording of the first monthly forum on Jan. 21, Planning for a Safe Return to Schools in 2021:


Sam Davis was elected to the Oakland School Board representing District 1 on November 3, 2020.

You can sign up for Sam's newsletter here and read past newsletters here.



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