OEA Questionnaire Part II

Second in a series - My answers to the teachers union endorsement questionnaire:

  • What connections do you have to the OUSD School Board district you are seeking to represent? Describe the ways you have been active in the community and in the schools.


I have been involved in our schools almost constantly since 2003, when I started working in Oakland with SEIU’s Building Skills Partnership to teach English as a second language to union janitors as part of the Justice for Janitors campaign. 

While I was the Family Outreach Coordinator at Manzanita SEED I must have volunteered over a thousand hours at the school, and even after I was no longer working there I still spent significant time volunteering, for example coordinating the fifth grade camping trip in 2016.

My son is currently at Claremont Middle School and will attend Oakland Tech in the fall. I have been a member of the PTA and SSC at Claremont during his time there. 

Since deciding to run for school board a year ago, I have talked to parents and/or staff at all of the schools in District 1. During the strike last year, I volunteered at a solidarity school as well as at Bread for Ed, went to the Claremont picket line, and coordinated sending high school volunteers from Oakland Tech to various solidarity schools. Over the past five months, I have collected signatures for the Schools and Communities First petition at almost all of the schools in District 1.

My family are members of Kehilla Community Synagogue. In 2017-18, I was a key member of our synagogue’s immigrant rights committee, organizing monthly protests outside the ICE detention center in Richmond, Calif., which contributed to Contra Costa County ending its contract with ICE.

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