OEA Questionnaire Part X: Making the District More Responsive and Responsible

Tenth question from the teachers' union endorsement questionnaire:

  • A major concern of OUSD families and staff is the dysfunction of OUSD’s systems, services, and central leadership (student assignment center, payroll, HR, etc.)  How would you hold the superintendent accountable for dramatically improving the day to day operations of OUSD and improving the experience for families and staff interacting with OUSD?


Accountability starts from the top. Too many school board members have hesitated to put in accountability measures for fear of micromanaging the superintendent.

This is how Antwan Wilson got away with profound mismanagement of our public money. Superintendent Johnson-Trammell is obviously a huge improvement over Antwan. However, it is still the School Board’s job to manage the Superintendent, not the other way around, as it sometimes seems with our current Board.

The School Board should create a clear work plan and metrics for the Superintendent to meet, including measuring the efficiency and quality of operations such as enrollment. human resources, payroll, buildings and grounds, etc.

And then the School Board should actually hold him or her to that plan, and take progressive disciplinary actions, including reducing pay or dismissing the Superintendent or other underperforming staff, if the Superintendent does not meet his or her goals.

As someone who worked for OUSD for many years, I have my own horror stories - I am sure we all do - and turning that experience around would be one of my highest priorities.

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