Here are some useful resources for understanding current events in Oakland Unified:

- Article by KQED on school consolidations in North Oakland

- Presentation from Oakland Unified about proposed alternatives and rationale for school consolidations in North Oakland

- Grand Jury report on OUSD financial mismanagement

- OUSD's presentation to the California Department of Education Charter Task Force (April 18, 2019) on the impact of charter schools to Oakland Unified. Note that the presentation gives OUSD's 2018-19 enrollment as 36,286 compared to the OUSD-authorized charter enrollment of 13,791, but that does not include an additional 3,180 students enrolled at county- or state-authorized schools located in Oakland, such as Lazear, Urban Montessori and Latitude.

- Study by the California Teachers Association showing that charters across the state enroll special education students at a much lower rate than public districts. In Oakland, 7.7% of charter student enrollment is students with special needs, compared to 13.6% of public school enrollment.

- "How a Handful of Pro-Charter Billionaires Flooded Oakland's School Board Elections With Cash," East Bay Express, Oct. 25, 2016

- Yu Ming Charter School's application to the Alameda County of Education to increase in size from current 488 students to 1,400 students in 2029.

- Presentation and report from Oakland Promise. Note that on p. 26 of the report, it says:

"As of today, 15,000 elementary school students in 61 district and charter public elementary schools have a $100 early scholarship established in their name. Additionally, 430 OUSD parents, 86.2% of whom qualify for free and/or reduced priced lunch, have chosen to set up family-owned college savings accounts for their children, 66 of whom are saving regularly (at least 6 months in the first year of opening the account). Oakland Promise incentivizes families with a $50 contribution to their child’s college savings account when the account is set up and a second $50 contribution if the family makes a deposit of any size into that account account six times in the first year."

The implication is that almost all of the $1 million that the City of Oakland has given to Oakland Promise for the 'Kindergarten to College' accounts will be held for 13 years on the chance that those students will then come back and collect their money, with only (430 x $50) + (66 x $50) = $24,800 actually in the hands of families?!


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